Surgery and Anesthesia

Anesthesia and surgery are perhaps the most critical and important aspects of any veterinary facility.  At Springfield Veterinary Center we take this challenge very seriously.  All anesthetic and surgical patients are required to have thorough physical examinations on the day of their procedure as well as compulsory pre-operative bloodwork.  Patients under general anesthesia receive IV fluids for maintenance of blood pressure and renal health.  EKG, pulse oximetry, end-tidal CO2, and blood pressure are monitored on all anesthetized patients.  The latest in inhalant and induction anesthetics including Sevoflurane and Isoflurane is used.  All of our patients are individually monitored post-operatively by a licensed veterinary technician until they are fully awake and able to walk.  This reduces the risk of recovery complications.

Post Operation Pain Management

Pain management is essential to the well-being and post-operative comfort of our patients.  All surgical patients receive multimodal pre and post-operative pain management.  See additional information on pain management in the service section labeled Quality of Life and Pain.

Surgery For Pets Glen Allen, VA

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