Domestic Health Certificates

Are you and your pet going to be traveling domestically within the USA? Springfield Veterinary Center has two USDA accredited veterinarian’s that can issue travel certificates for your healthy pet so they can travel with you.

Why Does My Pet Need a Certificate to Travel?

Health certificates are federal documents that indicate your pet is healthy to travel and won’t pose a health risk to other pets or people.

Animal health requirements may differ from state to state, even airlines may have their own pet travel requirements. Check with your airline and the states you’re traveling to see if they require a health certificate. We highly recommend checking:

USDA | APHIS United States Department of Agriculture USDA APHIS | Taking a pet from one U.S. State/Territory to another U.S. State/Territory (Interstate)

When Should I Start the Process?

Since animal health requirements may differ between states and airlines, we encourage you to contact our accredited veterinary practice to obtain a health certificate as soon as your travel dates are solidified.

Certificates must be issued within 10 days of travel. It is important to note that a pet must be at least eight weeks old and fully weaned before traveling. Again, we highly recommend looking at the APHIS website for specific information. The process should be started early to allow time for meeting requirements.

What to Do If I Need to Obtain a Domestic Health Certificate?

First, check with your airline and destination states to see if a travel health certificate is required. If a certificate is required, your pet must have a passing health exam and up-to-date rabies vaccinations to travel. If all of these requirements are met, we will issue a travel certificate for your pet.

Prior to coming into your scheduled appointment, please fill out the Health Certificate Owner Questionnaire.

We will work with you to determine your needs, based on your travel destination. Since requirements differ by each state and airline, we encourage you to gather information as early as possible.

Learn More: USDA APHIS | Taking a pet from one U.S. State/Territory to another U.S. State/Territory (Interstate)