Canine Reproduction

Dr. Escobar has practiced canine reproductive medicine since 1990. He is a member of the Society for Theriogenology and has lectured to several professional organizations including the SFT. Dr. Escobar has also spoken at national specialties and local breed club meetings.

Dr. Kolster joined Springfield Veterinary Center in 2007, after completing a residency in Theriogenology at VMRCVM. She is board-certified by the American College of Theriogenologists. She has lectured to local as well as national veterinary groups and breed clubs.

Breeding Soundness Examination

  • Male reproductive exams and complete semen evaluation, including progressive motility, morphology, and concentration
  • Female reproductive exams, consults and breeding challenges

Ovulation Timing and Breeding Management

  • Quantitative progesterone testing performed in-house, same day results
    Blood must be drawn by 4pm weekdays and 9am Saturday for same day results
  • LH testing available
  • Vaginal, transcervical, and surgical inseminations

Fresh Chilled Services

  • Longevity chill tests
  • Semen collection and extension for shipment

Frozen Semen Services

  • Canine semen freezing and on-site storage
  • Complete pre-freeze and post-thaw evaluation

Management of Reproductive Disorders

  • Medical treatment of pyometra (allowing for future breeding)
  • Medical mis-mate management
  • Evaluation and treatment of high risk pregnancy
  • Evaluation and treatment of luteal insufficiency
  • Uterine and testicular biopsy

Pregnancy Diagnosis and Management

  • Full pregnancy ultrasound
  • Gestational aging via ultrasound
  • Digital radiography

More Information on Reproduction Services