Quality of Life and Pain Management

Quality of life is a primary goal of the staff at Springfield Veterinary Center. Pain relief and management both perioperatively and chronically is critical to this end. To benefit the patients of Springfield Veterinary Center, Drs. Escobar is member of the International Veterinary Association of Pain Management (IVAPM), an international organization of both veterinary anesthesiologists and general practitioners conferring and sharing the latest techniques in providing appropriate pain management in veterinary patients.  Dr. Escobar was instrumental in the development of the Pfizer DALE Pain Management Program in Mexico.

Pain Management

Multimodal approach to pain management is a developing area in both veterinary and human medicine. Pain management in general was for many years not considered in the veterinary patient, but is now a growing area of research and practice. Dr. Escobar has given extensive lectures and wetlabs for veterinary colleagues both privately and in conjunction with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals locally, regionally and on a national level promoting multimodal approaches to chronic and acute pain relief. Springfield Veterinary Center continues to be a leader in these multimodal approaches and techniques.

Please feel free to ask our licensed technicians or doctors about the most recent methods of pain relief and our efforts to maintain your companions quality of life.

Pain Management & Quality Of Life Vet in Glen Allen, VA

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