Reproductive Services

At Springfield Veterinary Center, we strive to help you, the breeder, protect the health of your breeding animals and produce the healthiest puppies possible. As such, we require the following in order to provide reproductive services:

1) Routine annual examination with your primary care veterinarian within previous 12 months
2) Current rabies vaccination (certificate required)
3) Heartworm / tick borne disease test required within previous 12 months; recommended to be within 6 months
4) Distemper/parvovirus vaccination (within 3 years) or titer (within 1 year) required
5) Brucellosis test within 6 months required

Please bring proof of vaccines and required tests to your first appointment.  The brucellosis test can be performed at Springfield Veterinary Center, if needed. 

Rabies vaccination is legally required by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and may be administered at the start of the bitch’s heat cycle, if necessary. Distemper/parvovirus is a modified-live vaccine and should not be given during the heat cycle or pregnancy. Current vaccination or positive titer for distemper & parvovirus will allow the bitch to produce effective colostrum and provide passive immunity to her puppies. Please ensure that this is up to date prior to breeding.

Heartworm infection is a serious, potentially deadly condition and can cause significant pregnancy complications. Tick-borne diseases are an emerging concern as a possible cause of infertility in dogs. For these reasons, we require that your breeding animals be tested (and treated, if indicated) prior to breeding.

Brucellosis is a disease that causes abortion and infertility. It is spread through natural breeding, artificial insemination, and contact with urine, saliva, and other body fluids from an infected dog. It is recommended to test bitches prior to each breeding and stud dogs every 6 months or prior to each breeding.

Semen Freezing

We would like to remind you to bring the following information:

  • Registration Certificate (AKC, UKC, or other applicable registration)
  • Microchip or Tattoo Number
  • DNA Profile Number (An AKC DNA Profile is required for AKC-registerable breeds. DNA is not required for non-AKC breeds. AKC DNA can be performed at Springfield Veterinary Center at the time of freezing if needed.)
  • Copy of Negative Brucellosis Test-within the past 6 months (can be performed at the time of freezing)
  • Prefer to have a teaser bitch, even if not currently in heat
  • +/- Pedigree
  • Frozen Semen Storage Form (click link below)
  • Rabies Vaccine Information

If desired, we are able to provide services for DNA profile, microchip, and Brucellosis testing.  If you choose to microchip your pet, please provide an alternate contact including name and telephone number in the event the microchip company is not able to reach you via your information.

The appointment will need to be scheduled in the morning because of the length of time it takes for the freezing procedure.


Thank you for your cooperation,

Springfield Veterinary Center

Authorization For Frozen Semen Storage

Authorization for Release of Frozen Semen

Theriogenology Referral Form

Record of Semen Collection Ownership



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